Project through the UX Design Master at Talent Garden Innovation School in Milan.


UX Research, UI Designer, User testing.


Athletes in the martial arts to train must find training partners suited to their technical abilities and physical characteristics.
Athletes have difficulty finding sparring partners to train with.


I thought of creating an app that allows you to find your training partner based on your skills and characteristics, making an appointment.




Let’s start by understanding what sparring is and what it is for.

Define problems and goals

Through my personal experience I have taken on some problems to check in the field to do research.


User research

Before doing a field research with the athletes I pointed out another secondary actor in the search for the sparring partner: The Coach.


Proto Personas & Customer Journey

I identified 2 proto-personas like an athlete and an coach.

After that I traced a customer journey on both players at the time of looking for a sparring partner to understand the moments of panic and major difficulties.


First Interview (survey online)

I started searching on social media channels to contact as many coaches as possible.I created an online survey and through pages dedicated to sports like boxing I was able to interview 46 coaches.



Results (quantitative)


Second interview (User interview)

after receiving the results of the coaches I prepared some questions to do interviews with 9 athletes around the gyms and by telephone.

9 Athlets:

  • 3 Agonists
  • 3 Amateur
  • 3 Professionals

ResultsĀ (qualitative)

Here are the results with the most important citations of the interviewed athletes. To act as an exponent for the female gender, a girl who said she never started competing because she couldn’t find girls with the same weight to train.

The solution

To improve the search for a sparring partner to the athletes and to create contacts between the gyms and the masters, I thought of creating a prototype for research based on their own characteristics that fits into a specific moment of the customer journey.



In fact, looking carefully at this solution, it can be inserted in the moment of waiting in which the master expects an answer from other gyms and athletes. In this way the athlete can also be of help by registering with the app and be able to search for athletes near him available with his own characteristics or on the contrary make his abilities available to other athletes.

The Prototype low fidelity (athlet)

The first stream was created in Axure RP and belongs to the athlete user who can make the following options:

  • Geolocation
  • Find on the map
  • Sparring partner
  • Coaches
  • Gyms
  • Search customization (filters)

Second flow concerns the request for sparring by the user who has found an athlete who is similar to his characteristics.

  • Technical details (match, weight, his coach)
  • Add between contacts
  • Propose a sparring (reservation required)
  • Challenge (gaming display)

The Prototype low fidelity (Coach)

The following flows concern the search for the athlete by the coach and the addition of an athlete to make him available for sparring.