Web Designer, Product Designer.


Reconstruction of the Information Architecture, redesign of the site with the future possibility of selling software online. Attract new business opportunities, or the acquisition of new customers.


Me, one Jr. Graphic Designer and one Developer.



The company

Infotel Sistemi is a Software House specialized in software development since 1988.
28 years of experience, results, large investments in research, innovation, design, development and promotional activities, but above all to the professionalism and dedication to the work of an increasingly competent staff.
The activity and experience gained allow us to offer standard and customized IT solutions for the fields of safety at work and online training (LMS).

Study Case – E-commerce website for software

We have redesigned the Infotel Sistemi corporate website with a new brand identity to have a direct and intuitive impact on our users
Before the planning a task flow study study was undertaken which allowed us to frame the complexity of the previous site processes in order to merge with external e-commerce; therefore, the main focus is the elimination of the duplicity between the company website and e-commerce.
My job was to interface with the Front-end Developer to create a website with precise structural rules and rewrite CSS, custom semantic markup code and features with the aim of ensuring better usability (UX), to the loyal customer , allowing it to interface with an innovative design;
Attract new business opportunities, or the acquisition of new customers.
in order for usability (UX) to be facilitated, to produce new customers and new contacts automatically and not to be visited only by customers who are already aware of the site.
Our idea was not to focus attention on “special effects” but on how to present our products or ours in a professional manner and at the same time attractively.

The information architecture was complex due to the abundant presence of content and details, on the other hand we tried to make sure that everything was well structured and remained as clear as possible throughout the entire browsing experience, especially on mobile devices , following the rules of mobile first.

Illustrations, infographics and icons

I made sure that the illustrations associated with the software became infographics, although the union of the two elements reached the goal to be clear and immediate.
In addition, the graphic element can also make sectors that are attractive for our offer and targets can be aseptic with a simple text description.
So infographics were created to represent the Software House in an unusual and effective way by creating a real custom language on the site.

Software categories

The site will include internal e-commerce that will be available as soon as all the necessary changes concerning the previous shop will be made.
The e-commerce integrated into it will serve for a better indexing of the software and the site, and will have usable and usable payment navigation.

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