Project through the UX Design Master at Talent Garden Innovation School in Milan.


UX Research, UX Designer, User testing.


There are 42K of food and wine events in Italy and together with my team we had to understand or frequent these events.
Our team worked to develop a platform that would facilitate the knowledge of these events.


We have created a dektop and mobile platform that allows foreigners visiting Italy to visit events such as the “Festivals” in order to know the true Italian food and wine tradition.



Method lean startup

Lean startup is a methodology for developing businesses and products, which aims to shorten product development cycles and rapidly discover if a proposed business model is viable.
this is achieved by adopting a combination of business-hypothesis-driven experimentation, iterative product releases (MVP), and validated learning.

Proto-personas & customer-journey

We have identified a proto-personas and we have managed to draw up a customer journey to understand what were the moments of pain when the user had to come to know these events.
For us, the most significant moment was that people never had enough information about these events and usually searched on Google or they happened to see some advertisements on social media.

After that we went to do field research and interview Italians to find out how they came to know these events and what they were using and if our CJ corresponded.


Starting from the assumption of the problem identified, the veracity of this was verified. After a field rearch we noticed that the problem was not so obvious and that users still found common ways to know these events.
So we did “Pivot” and we changed targets with the “Tourists”

Second round of interview

So we entered the first quiet place and we started working on a quetionary to be submitted to tourists around Milan.
We went around MIlano near the Navigli area to interview as many tourists as possible and to understand if they were involved in these events and how they came to know and if they were interested.

We got some very interesting feedback from how you can also see from the photo of the comment left by a tourist.
Tourists are very interested but the problem is evident and that foreigners on holiday do not have a means to know these events and they do not know what it is.

Minimal viable product

The solution to the problem that we have found above is the creation of a platform that allows tourists on holiday to get to know the best food and wine events in the vicinity.

We have realized on a domain a landing page in English, which contained in the foreground the most important events to be consulted and the possibility of enrolling via email to receive more information about events in other places.


The landing page has been promoted on the social networks in foreign countries to people interested in tourism and Italy.
The site was only for representation and it helped us to understand the real interest of the delegates who come to take a holiday in Italy in these types of events.

Through the heatmap we have also seen that most of the users who visited the site have clicked on the featured events.
The most interested users have also left their emails for more information, so through our mvp we have obtained very interesting results regarding these events by foreign tourists.