UX/UI Designer


Create an app that allows middle school and elementary school children to answer questions and tests based on the films they see at school.


We have created a dektop and mobile platform that allows foreigners visiting Italy to visit events such as the “Festivals” in order to know the true Italian food and wine tradition.





The MEC app was created for an educational and didactic activity, aimed at developing in young people a critical information and understanding about the nature and categories of media, the techniques they use to build messages and produce meaning, genres and languages specific. 


In this context, the MEC – School Project (, with the precious support of the teaching class, wants to contribute to the students’ training path by proposing the vision of five films in the room with discussion and comparison on the themes and on the cinematographic language of each work .





“There is no democracy without participation, there is no active citizenship without training, there is no training without information, culture, critical awareness. If we want the media to serve the democratic life of a country, we must start with a democratic and educational approach to the media. School is necessary “.



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